Handling the Monies: Zoomer Editionđź’¸

With searches for “How to Invest” seeing a record high, we figured we’ll bring the results to you, so you can get the best results with your investments! *sheesh*

Despite the notorious unprecedented overuse of the word “unprecedented”, there were a whole host of, you guessed it, unprecedented things that happened ever since the world was rocked with the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a new world, the newer generations have had a coming-of-age moment, and unlike true classic-movie styles, it’s sans a redemption arc, cuz zoomers don’t need no redeeming, except with coupon codes.

Zoomers, your lack of brand loyalty, already sets you at an advantage while you traverse the world of stocks. Your need to get the most bang for your buck, is the very essence of successful stock investments. Investments could also be a way for you to fulfil your need to take action and be tots invested in something (pun intended). Gone are the days when your COKE shares were solid and immovable, when the products stood in stark contrast.

The bureaucracy that was a trademark part of investing has become the least rigid it’s ever been, paving the way for you to get your (investing) game faces on.

Think of investing as shopping — the kind that gets you returns that aren’t just getting your fill of retail therapy.

Channel your innate desire to get the most bang for your buck, and your brands-be-damned mentality to see patterns in the way the graphs ebb and flow.

Dabbling with investing doesn’t mean you go all in, this isn’t a game of poker. Meddle with low investments and build your way up — in exactly the way you built your lewk. It doesn’t happen overnight, but when the drip is complete, you know it, and your investments (or should we call it stock drip?🌚) is as much of an identity as any other aspects of your life. Your stock portfolio is a tell-all.

While interest in stock investing had waned with the millennials, it’s coming back with a bang among the Gen Zs of the world, indicating a shift in paradigm. A study conducted by The Motley Fool found stock investments are higher amongst zoomers (73%), compared to their predecessors, the millennials (66%).

This shift, if we had to guess, can be attributed to how an investment drive can net you more than just returns — the right kind of investment also drives up positive socio-environmental impact. Called ESG (for Environmental, Social and Governance), these stocks shift the focus on to sustainability, putting it on par with returns when it comes to sharing the limelight.

In a list that doesn’t feature an Apple (AAPL) or H&M (HM-B), you’ll see the Nvidias (NVDA) and the Pools (POOL) of the world leading the sustenance movement, with its impact only slated to get meteorical as more zoomers give the movement the kinda steam that’ll propel it spaceward.

As more new blood pours in the system, we also see a demystification of the stock markets, with a lot of statements held generally true starting to get called out — like how investing is best done in long terms. “Aint nobody got time for that”, is what we imagine being chanted as the zoomers live hard, and sell fast.

With making money while driving social and environmental impact being on the table, how could the ones who wish to make an impact and drive our world to a utopia, not get invested? The stakes are high, but the risks are mitigable.

Yeet your worries and notions of how stocks are for the boomers, cuz it’s anything but. With the influx of young investors starting earlier than ever before, there’s bound to be a shake up, and unlike the destructive kind, our bets on this being more of a glow up.

So go on, wade into the waters of investing, and before long, you’ll see yourself getting on SWIMMINGLY. And oh, did we tell you about how we have an app you can do all this from?

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