Environmentally Charged!⚡

And that is…*slow drum rolls*
investing in green companies!

When Cardi B sang “If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck”, she might as well have been talking about global rising temperatures, cuz there IS a point of no return, but we’re not there yet, and folk like Elon are trying to halt it from ever getting there. Now if that’s not total boss behaviour, we dunno what is💅🏼

With the 0s in the fund numbers adding up to an entire 10, achieving its goal of adding some much needed fuel in the engine that drives the world in the right direction for posterity is all but…cer-10

*ba dum tss*

His wife, Rene and him are big on their shared love for animals. They’ve been rallying toward humane treatment of animals and this has put them on the board of Jacksonville zoo and the No More Homeless Pets organization, built to make veterinary care a lot more affordable.

Leading executive Susan Story, is intrinsically linked with water — like her company, American Water Works Company, Inc.’s name would suggest. Heading a public utility company that deals with drinking water and wastewater systems in the U.S., Susan has quite a…Story *wink wink*.

Advocating for the environment can start from as little as investing in companies that have taken the pledge for going green.

Go green with us, at Stockal.



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