Artwork Credit: SpiderMan 1967

Noted Investment Advisor Robert G Allen once said,

“How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.”

There are many ways to invest, like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but which one is the best? There’s no one perfect answer…

How to NOT invest in a house of cards?

Artwork Credits: ‘Nice and Serious’ on Dribbble

Investments that everyone’s chasing are often tempting, but are they always profitable? Let’s find out.

When Issac Newton saw an apple falling from the tree, he wasn’t thinking about stocks. However, his good old theory of gravity is as applicable in…

Two hottest beauty brands to invest this quarter

Must you care that the beauty industry tried everything in 2020 to lure customers — from virtual “try-ons” to “waterless” beauty products?

Or that Priyanka Chopra claimed she put more make-up on her face during the pandemic than before, owing to her constant virtual conferences?

Well, you mustn’t care unless…

We’ve all heard the rhetoric — corporations pollute, and it’s up to us, the consumers to change it. Activism for accountability, requesting advancement in companies’ environmental policies, and straight up boycotting — we’ve seen it being done. And we’re all for it when it’s just and not uncalled for. But…

A vintage cover photo of Uncle Sam pointing at you with text that reads ‘Uncle Sam Wants You To Invest’ — Stockal

Your Portfolio Is At Risk! 🆘
…of being just short of amazing.

The U.S. Equity Markets Are Calling for Your Investment. If you’re in India, the world outside might seem to be shut off right now — what with lockdowns, curfews and travel restrictions across most states. What isn’t…


Stockal is a Global Investment Platform that helps retail investors in India & UAE “globalize” their wealth by investing money in mature global markets.

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